Message from the Trustees/Board of Directors

We are a charity that has been serving the people of Canning Town for more than 125 years, with new and exciting plans to continue this service with new 21st century facilities to match.

Currently, there is a Board of Directors/Trustees of RCC Ltd who oversee the running of the centre and safeguard its vision. They are drawn from all walks of life, some church members, others from community partners.

The direct management of the centre, including its nursery, Abrahams Care, is by a team made up from our Directors and staff.

Our vision/mission statement (Reaching; Resourcing; Releasing) is one that truly recognises that ‘people matter more that things’, a principle that has been very important to us over many years. We offer a wide range of public benefit services that cover all ages and that enable us to support and care for children, young and older people whether working, retired, or facing challenging circumstances.

We have a long history of service to the community that goes back to 1894 (Malvern Mission), to Docklands No 1 Settlement in the 1920's onwards with Sir Reginald Kennedy Cox, Mayflower Family Centre from 1958 (started by Rev David Sheppard) and more recently in 2003, the River Christian Centre with Rev Roger Grassham and Rev Dave Gill.


At heart we are a Christian faith-based charity and this provides us with the motivation and volunteer network to offer support to all people regardless of their background and circumstances. Our staff and volunteers are motivated by a love, compassion, and willingness to serve our community for the benefit of all people.

It is our desire to influence our local community for good and to be engaged in all aspects of community life. To this end, we want to make sure that our services and facilities are fit for purpose for future generations too.Together with our partner charities based at RCC, we want to serve people in the east end of London by providing meaningful support to people and their needs, and offer training and support to help them fulfil their potential.

Please contact us to find out more details of the work we do and to come and visit the centre, home to one of the very few Grade II listed buildings in this part of the City.

  Roger Gassham,
Director of Development and Finance