Today our Pastor David Gill explore The EXPLOSIVE Power of God. Text: Act 2; Luke 4:18; Jeremiah 31: 31-34 God say I have CHOSEN you! The Holy Spirit releases us to be who God called us to be.  


I declare that where the Spirit of the Lord is there is freedom I am free from sin I am free from the past I am free from the lies and the oppression of the enemy

I am filled with the Holy Spirit I am anointed by His power

I carry the fullness of the promises of the Father

I am one with Jesus I am a child of God I declare I am a disciple I declare I am filled with miracles, signs and wonders I am a Kingdom Citizen,

I am a child of God I have what He says I have I am what He says I am

I am filled with His Word I declare when I open my mouth, I will speak blessing,

I will declare His Truth I will declare His power.

I am free to release His freedom, His life, His resurrection power, His healing and His deliverance.

I am whole in Christ Jesus, I have His mind and His freedom I will walk in the newness of the Holy Spirit

I am free from every shackle and chain I walk into a new season of the transforming power of the Holy Spirit

I take hold of all that Christ has for me in the fullness of faith He has given me by the power of the Holy Spirit.

I receive a refreshing in the Holy Spirit, and today,

I declare I am a NEW CREATION filled with the confidence and power of Christ Jesus.


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